Author: Nick

Cameo App

I am now on the awesome Cameo app! Book me today for any shout outs, happy birthday requests, or even any questions you may have regarding training, nutrition, lifestyle, business, etc.. I’m looking forward to hearing from you! Check it out HERE!


We did it! I celebrated hitting 100K with a Wicked Cheat Day in Sarasota, FL starting at my favorite place – FIVE-O DONUT CO. They made me an amazing donut creation with my favorite donuts! Be sure to check out the video. Thank you all for the love and support!

Question & Answer #8

New Q&A video is now live on my youtube channel. I answered 28 questions asked by my subscribers. All the questions are time stamped. Got a question? Leave it in the comment section of the video. I’ll answer it in the next Q&A video! Thanks for watching!

Dompierre Donut Challenge!

10,000 Calories of Donuts in one day! The video was just released earlier today. It’s been a request for me to film a Full Day of Donuts Wicked Cheat Day. I decided to spice things up and turn it into the “Dompierre Donut Challenge.” If you can complete the challenge of consuming 10,000 calories of […]

Wicked Cheat Days Ebook Release

The Wicked Cheat Days Ebook is now available! Based upon the questions I receive daily, I thought it would be a great idea to make an ebook. In this ebook, I address what to expect on a cheat day, as well as post cheat day. Tips, tricks, strategies and more. All my knowledge and cheat […]