I am now on the awesome Cameo app! Book me today for any shout outs, happy birthday requests, or even any questions you may have regarding training, nutrition, lifestyle, business, etc.. I’m looking forward to hearing from you! Check it out HERE!

The TeamBigBites Beanies are now in stock! I couldn’t choose between the 2 fonts I really liked – so I decided to make both. We have a Comic font and a Cursive font. Check them out!

Full Day Of Enjoyment | Wicked Cheat Day #67 I hope y’all enjoy the video! THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!

We did it! I celebrated hitting 100K with a Wicked Cheat Day in Sarasota, FL starting at my favorite place – FIVE-O DONUT CO. They made me an amazing donut creation with my favorite donuts! Be sure to check out the video. Thank you all for the love and support!

Another wicked cheat day went down in California. This time it was in the Orange County area with some special guests. It was a great time! I hope y’all enjoy the video!

I spent last weekend in Los Angeles, California. I went to the LA Fit Expo all day Saturday. On Sunday I filmed a Wicked Cheat Day and had a meet up at Colorado Donuts. It was one of the funnest cheat days yet!

Wow, just wow! I’m super stoked on the progress I’ve made on youtube. The support has been amazing. I just released the 90,000 subscriber wicked cheat day celebration video. I hope you guys enjoy it. Much Love!

I often get asked about my glute and leg development. And how I have such big dominate glutes and legs. Well for one, genetics do play a big factor. But also the type of training I do as well as providing my body with adequate nutrients to allow it to grow. If you’re not eating…

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